Meet Our 2019 Scholarship Recipients!

In our 20 year history, inclusion has always been a foundational value for SEA. We believe lasting social impact is created when all social entrepreneurs have a seat at the table regardless of their gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or financial standing. In order for social entrepreneurs to grow and continue creating change, they need networks and resources where they can thrive, yet not all entrepreneurs have equal access to those networks.

To commit to inclusion, we created The Pave a Path Campaign, a fundraiser to raise membership scholarships for social entrepreneurs to join SEA. In 2018, we raised enough to offer 15 membership scholarships to social entrepreneurs this year. Visit the links below to learn more about the recipients!

 LaPorsche Jymi – H&H Headwear | Kendra Toole – BaMatooke Made | Ivelyse Andino – Radical Health | Bryon Pierson – The Serenity Strategy Network | Bhavya Reddy – NYC °CoolRoofs | Johannah Warren – Fashionkind Foundation | Karen James Cody – Kupendiza | Nakia Kelley – Change Her Story | Jobelle Gacuya – HMNTY | Danielle LaRock – Tiny Haven WV | Kimberly Moore – Go Together, Inc. | Jané Gautier Shadoin – The Butterfly Project | Solana Colson – Advocates of Sacred | Caroline Fisher – Swahili Coast | Aya-Nikole Cook – Haji Healing Salon, L3C

Running the campaign this year was particularly poignant for us, as we said goodbye to our friend, mentor and former President & CEO Jim Schorr. Jim devoted his life to building the social enterprise movement and seeing entrepreneurs thrive in their pursuit of lasting impact. In honor of his legacy and commitment to emerging social entrepreneurs, we are honored to announce the Pave a Path Scholarship will continue forward as the Jim Schorr Scholarship. If you’d like to learn more about Jim’s legacy and commitment to social enterprise, click here. 

If you’d like to contribute to the 2020 class of Jim Schorr Scholars, click the button below.