Social Enterprise University Launches Successfully

Social Enterprise University successfully launched December 10th, to a full house.
There’s still time to enroll for 2016 classes.

Participants ranged from nonprofits to for profits, interested in learning more about the how to’s and strategies of Social Enterprise.

Led by Niki McCuistion, chair of the North Texas chapter and co-author of The Nonprofit Guide to Social Enterprise… Show Me the Unrestricted Money!; the module focused on the essentials of what is social enterprise, why one should even consider forming a social enterprise and the key steps to launching a social enterprise.

Interactive exercises allowed for discussion on how an organization defines the right social enterprise possibility for their own organization.

Participants left with how to’s and continuing assignments designed to get their key stakeholders involved in making the right decision for their organizations.

Fundraising, today, is a challenge for many nonprofits. Development efforts that worked for decades no longer bring the same results. With increased competition, government funding, available grants and individual solicitations can no longer be counted on. Different and more creative solutions are a must.

Savvy nonprofits know they must change their strategies from charity thinking, to mission driven, tax exempt business think. One of the venues that allows for increased sustainability and independence, is social enterprise.

Social enterprises are businesses whose primary purpose is the common good. They use the methods and disciplines of business and the power of the marketplace to advance their social, environmental and human justice agendas (SEA).

This module discussed what a social enterprise is, how it can solve an organization’s mission and give it increased stability and sustainability.

For more information on upcoming classes call Niki at 214-750-5157 or email