SEA’s Top 8 Moments of 2018

Fireworks imageLooking Back On a Year That Brought Us So Much

At the end of every year, one of our favorite things to do is to reflect on the year we’re leaving behind and treasure all we accomplished and experienced. It’s easy to get caught up in the marathon of to-do lists and tasks as we launch initiatives, plan and push to close the year out strong. Rarely do most of us get a free moment to appreciate the progress we’ve made and give ourselves (and each other) that proverbial pat on the back.

At Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA), we’re taking full advantage of the respite that comes with the holiday season to celebrate and we want to say thank you. Whether through registering for webinars, browsing the Holiday Gift Guide or attending an event, this supportive community is largely responsible for the success of this year.

Here are SEA’s top moments of 2018. Read ours, and then share yours in the comments!